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About Green Waste Management

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Green Partnerships In New York City

Green Waste Management 101 is dedicated to creating and nourishing partnerships with privately-owned waste, trash and garbage management companies in New York City that share our love of the environment and the city itself.
Our company philosophy is based on an understanding that money and profit are the bottom line for most businesses. We strive to find Smart Green Waste Management solutions for these businesses that save them money and maximize their company profitability WHILE maximizing the use of environmentally friendly and responsible technologies and techniques.

"Going Green" is good for business

To those at Green Waste Management 101, "going green", especially when it comes to waste management is NOT a burden that a company "must" do in order to be politically correct... "Going Green" is a way to make more money through good-will and well designed company public relations

Partnership with Sanitation Salvage Corp

Sanitation Salvage Corp has been proudly serving New York City and Westchester County's industrial, commercial and residential waste management needs for over 30 years. They are extremely proud of their nearly 10,000 customers and clients that range from the best 5-star Manhattan hotels, to scores of hospitals and nursing homes throughout the region, to the hundreds of everyday Mom & Pop neighborhood businesses that we serve in nearly every neighborhood of this great city.

Sanitation Salvage Corp Philosophy

Sanitation Salvage Corp firmly believes in applying a solid combination of new, cutting-edge waste management technology and good old fashioned elbow grease in order to achieve the best results possible. No two clients are totally alike, therefore a package of customized waste management solutions is formulated and then applied for each individual client. Efficient, safe, environmentally responsible and liability-free waste solutions have been their company goal goal for over 30 years now. Strict adherence to that mission has made their dream of becoming the industry standard in providing customized and intelligent waste management solutions a reality.

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