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Residential Waste Solutions

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Improper Residential Clean-out Can Be VERY costly!

-Many Items Require Special Disposal

Residential, estate, and home clean-outs are not as simple as they may seem. It is NOT a matter of merely throwing all the unwanted items in the trash to be carted away. The City of New York, as well as Westchester County has a literal laundry list of items that you might not consider "special" or "hazardous", but they do. It takes a team of qualified, experienced, and licensed experts to be able to clearly and easily identify these items and assure the proper methods of removal and disposal. Failure to do so can and will result in often heavy and costly local and state fines.

-Improper Clean-Outs Can Be Hazardous

The proper removal of many items associated with residential, commercial and estate clean-outs can be quite complicated and dangerous. Many items, while seeming to be quite safe, are really potentially dangerous when removing them incorrectly. Any item that works on electrical current or connection to an alternative energy source can cause severe bodily injury or damage to your home or business. When planning a clean-out, be sure that you rely on a team of specially-licensed experts to assure total safety of people and property.

-Environmental And Community Responsibility

While we would all like to forget about the garbage, trash, and waste products removed from our property during the successful clean-out, those that care about the environment and local community simply cannot. Many items that you may consider "trash" or "garbage" can, in fact, be cleaned and re-used by those in need in the local community. A responsible clean-out job makes sure that those items get in the hands of the proper organizations to assure that happens. New York City and Westchester County residents and those that do business there want to make sure their communities continue to improve for the coming generations. A responsible clean-out job accomplishes this by recycling any items that can possibly be re-used, and properly disposing of those items which cannot, in a manner which emphasizes environmental and community responsibility and caring.

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